Saturday, October 13, 2007


Thanks to Eva for raising the question about the photo above. It is indeed Venice. In fact it is sunrise in all its intricate glory. I had to lighten the photo so you could see the buildings more clearly. But it does bring back wonderful memories of our visit there last year. This was, in fact, how Venice said goodbye to us. We left shortly afterwards on the early morning train headed for Salzburg. We traveled there via Villach and the six-hour trip was sensational and more than DH and I could have expected a train journey through the alps could be. Austria is beautiful. But oh, I do love Italy. And what's not to love about Venice.
The highlight for me was the gondoliers serenade as they passed by our window each evening. Naturally I figured they were singing to me not their passengers. The atmosphere-Magic!
Oh, and yes, I did get to experience my own gondola ride.
Very romantic!


Rachael Blair said...

Hi Annie

Thanks for commenting on my blog... are you joining us for NaNoWriMo??

Annie Doyle said...

See todays blog for details 'why?'.