Monday, December 15, 2008

New from old

Hi all,
Well today I am very excited to show you some pictures of my work space. And yes, I have been doing some work, so there!
We have been gradually adding some overhead cupboards and some full height bookshelves, so I can now un-store my many boxes of books hidden during the rest of the house renovations. Add some lovely timber blinds and clear off the years of non-filing from the top of those beautiful timber bench tops and voila!! A very lovely working office once again. We have used new and recycled goods during this process and it's a rather eclectic look. But never mind, you get that being married to a builder who won't throw ANYTHING away. Just as well, coz I'm still here too.
The shelves used to be old kitchen cupboard doors. My desk was recycled too. It used to display our sons train set several decades ago. Add a couple of legs and now it's a desk. Now don't laugh too much, it just happens to be true.
Outside, the two large windows reveal a beautiful entry/patio area complete with water feature, lovely tropical plants including orchids, and oh, did I mention the rubbish bins? We can't have everything it seems.