Thursday, July 31, 2008

Go Ahead... look the part!

I haven't done anything on the blog this week because I have been sick. Nothing too serious just quite nasty, and hopefully, short-lived.
It did give me the perfect opportunity to look the part. (What is she talking about? I hear you ask.)
We Aussies are experiencing the chilly days of winter 'down under'. Here in Queensland where the promotional tourist banners brag 'beautiful one day, perfect the next' we get... hmm let's see now... maybe a couple of cold days hmmm let's be generous and say, we get a week. Well, we are having that now! LOL
My hubby is what we 'down under' would call a tuff Aussie male. That means, he will sit there in his Tshirt and shorts and deny that he is cold and tuff it out, macho like! Aahh but I can see his feet edging closer to the heater. Oh didn't I tell you that he makes sure the heater is on but 'tuffs it out' just the same!
That's right, I forgot I was talking about looking the part. Well, here it comes.
Sick, warm cuppa beside the bed, great book in hand, doona up around the ears, trackie dacks (that's what we call 'em anyway. The translation would be... the lower part of the track suit) Tshirt or maybe a sloppy joe (oh translated kinda like the long sleeved trackie top LOL) AND let's not forget the fluffy dressing gown and slippers (but not while in bed - well - most times anyway!!). But Queenslanders rarely even own slippers, we just wear socks with our thongs. OOPs translated that would be flip flops. Now I don't know what would look worse, fluffy bed socks with your thongs or ours!!! ROFL cough cough (holding crutch, don't ya hate it when ya have to do that?)
I forgot the best bit. Because there is a book in hand we can stay there all day (oh I mean in bed not with hand in crutch!! Come On) and call it research.
Until a food craving comes, then that would be time to get up and do some exercise - walk downstairs, boil kettle and make another cuppa, raid the fridge (but only briefly, too cold to linger), zap whatever is in your hand (from fridge - preferably leftover chicken/vegie soup) in microwave, trudge back upstairs, and settle in for more research!!!
My dog is so desperate for company he has taken to running away all day. AND he hates the cold so much he wraps himself in the tiny mat we wipe our feet on at the back door (I guess that's what you do with a mat anyway isn't it?) - when he's at the back door of course!
Well, back on subject, the looking-the-part bit, NO I AM NOT taking PHOTOs!!!
Regards Annie sniff sniff cough cough
PS Announcement - any reference to real life is purely fictional of course, and bears no resemblance to anyone/canine living or dead ROFL cough cough (hold the crutch)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Floor Plans

Design - Homestead 37 - copyrighted to Newstart Homes

Whenever a new house is about to be built, the owners and builder pour over their floor plans making sure every detail is accounted for before construction begins. My DH is a builder and my bro is a house designer and my DD and her hubby are developing several properties, so I have seen my fair share of plans in my time.
As I am about to start a new story, I am still researching a couple of ideas. One of them includes the house where a lot of interaction will take place. In order to do it justice I think it is always important to draw a floor plan. I have done this several times: once for the main house of my last story, the other was a pub where several scenes were set (although the detail here wasn't as complete as for the house).
I not only use the collage for visual accuracy but I draw the floor plans to give credibility and ease for describing scenes.
Go to March 14 for my blog on collage or copy and paste this link -
If the heroine turned to walk away from the dining table and walked into a wall it could prove a little embarrassing. It also helps when it comes time to describe the light or shadows or views from a room or balcony etc.
Do you use this floor plan kind of planning in your research or do you merely go with the flow and design around your characters wants and needs? I would be interested to hear your comments.
Regards Annie

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Abstract expressionism and music

My friend Froyle Neideck is an artist who uses music to inspire the creative process. Concentrating on abstract expressionism she conducts workshops to inspire original thought and encourage self expression. Creativity, she says, is the language of the heart. Read more on her website - by clicking the title of this blog - and check out the testimonials and her paintings. I have several! Now read here what she says about the importance of music in her creative process.

"My inspiration comes from colour itself, and my approach to art is most akin to abstract expressionism. My paintings are a celebration of the creative process; whereby the initial inspiration is the spring board and from this the art evolves.
At the moment music is playing a vital role in my creativity. It is the catalyst from where I am drawing my emotional expression and my paintings are often the execution of a visual colour melody."

I think any workshop that develops this kind of creative expression is always valuable to anyone in the arts. There are never too many roots to support a healthy plant.

When my wrist gets better I look forward to doing one of Froyle's workshops and when I do I will post a pic of the masterpiece here!!! Now that's confidence for you.

I'd love to hear what you think on this one... Do you think we, as creators of the written word, need to develop creativity or just concentrate on crafting words alone?

Regards Annie