Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The challenge ahead

Many of my writing friends are challenging themselves in November with NaNoWriMo which I fully support them in their endeavors. They are putting their hands up and saying 'I am committing to this' and I would love to join them. But I am giving in to the external pressures in my life at the moment, namely, renovations.
Our entire house has been turned upside down-literally. We are ripping up floor tiles. Jackhammers, dust and noise-and an over-abundance of all. Just when I thought the dust would settle, along comes another project-sanding timber stairs and benches. Different tool, same affect-dust.
Also in November we have our son's engagement party here in our home and I am catering for this exciting event. November sees some overseas visitors coming to stay for several weeks and then my other son and his wife come for the annual 'after uni holidays'. I really hope at least some of the renovating is complete by then.
I am between manuscripts now and having finished my first I now see there is another story in there that should be written which precedes it. I have already developed the new hero and heroine character profiles so I might run with their romance. Amid all the dust, a plot is building-I hope! When I have a spare moment, I whip out my laptop and jot a few things down or research a topic I think will develop it further. Not all writing is words on a page.
So for me, my November challenge will be to have my plot plotted! If you aren't doing NaNoWriMo what are you challenging yourself to do to advance your writing?


Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, renovating only seems like a good idea before they start - and after they finish. You have my sympathy --- Leave them to it and visit the local library for the day with your laptop. --- Best wishes, Eric

Annie Doyle said...

Trouble is Eric, the 'they' who are doing the renovating is actually 'we'! And some of the renovating is actually completing the build that should have been done 27 years ago!
PS to all: Never marry a builder and expect a completed house in the same century!