Thursday, October 18, 2007

Next step

I have been trying to plot manuscript # 2 and wanted to continue with the story form my 1st manuscript. Now I am having second thoughts. It seems very time consuming and conflict constricting to use characters from a previous ms. Double mindedness! I always have trouble with it. And I also don't like to start something until I know I can finish it. So I will plot (in my head first then using tables and spreadsheets) 'till the cows come home'.
Today is our 32nd wedding anniversary. Wow! It really doesn't seem that long. In the words of a friend of mine - 'that's 2 life sentences!' Well I guess that there are two lives involved. But while good times, hassles, joys, sadness, riches, poverty, sickness, health and all those things covered by the vows do occur - sometimes love prevails.
Take the time to discover it... However you can.


Rachel.C said...

Thanks for the message on my blog. I'm wasting time, I need to pack I need to email, I need to work out the PDA....
Oh well, tomorrow I'll be free.
We're coming up to 20 years next June the year after we'll both turn 40, so we're wondering when it all happened. The quote on my post is from a cement tile I bought for Hubby a couple of years ago. It used to live on the wall above the BBQ but we left the BBQ and the wall back in Oz, so now it sits on the basin in the bathroom.
Congrats on the anniversary.

Vega Stone said...

Happy Anniversary!

Question: Plotting with tables and spreadsheets? I'm curious what you mean by this. Perhaps a topic for another post?