Thursday, November 29, 2007

Recorders of Paradigm Shifts

Emma Darcy wrote "Romance itself never changes...passions are eternal. The value systems that give rise to conflicts do change."
Without conflict in a novel, it would be a very boring read and, I imagine, the reader would put it down before finishing it. As value systems change, and they are changing at an amazing rate, there is opportunity to grasp the conflicts created therein.
As writers/authors it might not be a bad idea to be on the alert to these changing value systems, or as we call them now, paradigm shifts, and include them in our plots. Emma Darcy says the change in value systems in modern times are recorded in category romance fiction. Now, there's a thought. We are recorders of modern paradigm shifts!
But there is a warning here too. Emma says that we should move and adjust our writing to these changes in order to stay modern. Aah, the challenges of being a contemporary writer.
I would be interested to hear what you think on this topic.
Regards Annie


Suzanne Brandyn said...

I agree Annie.

The market if forever changing. Take paranormal at present. It has leapt forward quickly in popularity. Not only with novels, there are endless paranormal shows now taking the lead on television

As time changes, people change, desires, everthing changes.
With this change romance novels must change to keep up with the market.

Imagine writing a contemporary novel and putting in the conflict of the 18th century, or vice versa. lol

People want to read present day conflict. They want to be able to relate to the heroine/hero, stand in their shoes.

Okay so that's my opinion. :)

Annie Doyle said...

Thanks for commenting.
Yes change. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we don't. But it is inevitable. I have some more trains of thought there, so stay tuned for more posts. LOL

Chicki said...

As writers we always need to stay aware of value shifts, whether we agree with them or not. In my current WIP three of the four women are self-employed, which reflect a popular trend.

I have one female character who doesn't want to get married. That sure wouldn't have been popular back in the 1950's.

Another character is trying to decide whether or not she'll take money from her boyfriend to finance her new business

These are issues contemporary women face, and I'm trying to make their struggles realistic.