Friday, November 16, 2007

Emotions, set the pace

I listened to an audio this week from published author, Cher Gorman who said, 'The key to great pacing, in whatever genre, is the emotional component.' She said if there is something emotionally important in the scene, it moves the story quicker. In all scenes with an emotional component, the story flies. I agree with her, do you?

Another quote I heard this week was from John Mayer during one of his concerts. He was talking about blues and whether you get that blues music stirs you. He said 'if you are human, you get it'. Does he mean, blues music has an emotional component? Well, I think all music does to a certain degree, but yes, I do agree that blues stirs the emotional component within me.

During the Gorman audio, even though I am not into her erotic category within the romance genre, I received insight about engaging the senses and even more so, that emotions will invoke a response from the reader. Hopefully, when masterfully written, readers will say 'I get it'. It is that age old saying in writers circles of showing not telling. And if shown correctly, the emotions and senses are used to portray what the author feels for their characters.

I'd be interested to hear from you...Regards Annie


Chicki said...

I really need help with increasing the emotion in my writing. I'm e-mailing you to get the link for Cher's audio.

Annie Doyle said...

Thought I would post the link here, in case anyone else is interested.
The Writing Show on Odeo.
Hope you get out of it what I did.
Regards, Annie

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Annie,
I tried to go to the link you posted and it isn't working. Or perhaps it's me. :)
OBTW: I am enjoying your site, love the tips you give.


Annie Doyle said...

Thanks for the feedback. Hope I can continue! Haha
Inspiration for a writer now has to include blog entries! I had no idea about all this. A wonderful life we lead. Never a dull moment.
About the link, you will have to copy it then paste it in your location bar of Internet page. Sorry. Let me know if it still doesn't work.
Regards Annie