Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I am interested to know how and when you have that 'penny has dropped' inspiring moment for a story scene, plot or even a particular character who may turn out to be pivotal in your next manuscript.
I often find when I first wake in the morning I have clarity for ideas. Often one will just dominate all others. Sometimes a section of the plot will make sense when discussing it with a peer. At other times it takes a lot of research before the next page can be turned.
What does it for you? Music, your favorite 'serenity spot' or just head down and research, research. Or like one of my writing friends, do those characters live so much in your head that they speak to you until you let them out?
Let me know
Regards Annie


Sandie Hudson said...

Hi Annie
My inspiration today is you my dear friend. I have been battling with my plot and writing all day, well really for the past couple of days. So I decided to come over and see what you had to say and your post got me thinking, then listening (yes to them) and it worked. I now have a clearer idea as to where things are meant to go, so from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

Of course they're in the back ground saying we told you so. Damn smart alex, don't ya just hate it when they do that.

Big Hugs

Annie Doyle said...

Thanks Sandie,
This, truly must be the essence of blogging. When one of us is in a lull or whatever, we can actually gain inspiration from each other.
Now, continue to hear them, and they shall come!
Cyber Hugs

Chicki said...

With me it's a combination of all those things. I find it impossible to work without music, so even when I work outside the house I go somewhere that plays music. Sometimes, when the weather is good, I work at a beautiful local lake. Other times I just keep my nose to the grindstone in my home office. Inspiration comes when you least expect it, we just have to be ready to receive.

Annie Doyle said...

I too like to go outdoors, experience God's amazing creative ability and draw from that inspiration. We have loads of wonderful weather here where I live and even more loads of gorgeous beaches, bays and parks to immerse ourselves in.
Hugs Annie