Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heroes, heroes everywhere!!

I've been looking to the music scene for some inspiration for a hero. There seems to be plenty, but which will I choose? Bonnie Taylor is holding out for a hero. Metallica’s hero of the day isn’t John Lennon’s working class hero. Thank goodness we don’t believe as Tina Turner does, because she doesn’t need another hero. I do. I always need another hero. Bring on the hero and bring him on now. My friend is like Neil Young, sharing appreciation for the western hero as does ELO with and even wilder western hero. Then there’s Loverboy’s home town hero, Terri Clarke’s unsung hero and the Days of Yore sole hero while Jamie O’Neil has somebody’s hero, but it seems he doesn’t belong to Trixter because according to them nobody’s a hero. There are all the other heroes, the list goes on… TV hero, Juke box hero, war torn hero, space-age hero, Zero the hero and let’s not forget yesterday’s hero (though he’s probably a bit out-of-date for us LOL). And the birth of a hero probably means a series or a very long wait! What we want is for our heroine to join Emery in holding out for a hero or, no wait, yes, yes… I’ll have what Reel Big Fish is having – a brand new hero!! Will you join me? I promise to share!


Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Annie,
Not sure if you're on holidays or not. Hope all is well. And yes, we can thank all the mothers for the hero's in our life.
I too listen to music while writing, it really helps in developing those right words, it makes the work seem to flow smoother, and I feel it adds more deeper emotion.

Hope all is okay,

Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Oh Annie - what a great post! I must start adding music in... I just can't seem to concentrate on my writing, as I get engrossed in the songs!


Annie Doyle said...

Hi Suzanne and Amanda
Thanks for commenting on heroes and the music scene. Whatever works heh? Seems music works for some and not for others.
Regards Annie