Friday, May 16, 2008

Home from holidays

Hello to all my cyber friends.
Sorry if you've been checking here an found nothing, because I haven't written in ages. I've been away with DH on holidays. We had a lovely 10 days traveling by plane 1200 kms to drive over 1700 kms from Melbourne in Victoria to Adelaide in South Australia. Of course, it isn't that far between the two state capital cities. But using the coastal roads where we could, there have been many a photographic opportunity to take advantage of and add the ks on the dial. Unfortunately I lost my voice somewhere in Victoria and haven't found it since. This is DISASTER for someone who loves to speak as much as I do!!
If I can, I'll upload some pix over the next week or so. I also have some fantastic personal news coming soon so - Stay Tuned!!
Regards Annie


Natalie Hatch said...

Hi Annie, sorry you've lost your voice, maybe it's a sign to write more???
Just wanted to say thanks for the blog on collaging, I've used your tips and now have such a great tool for this next project I'm doing.

Chicki said...

Glad to hear the trip was lovely. Can't wait for pictures!

I echo Natalie's thanks for the collaging idea. Mine came out great!

Annie Doyle said...

Thanks Natalie and Chicki. Glad it worked for you. I loved yours Chicki, don't think I got to say that before I left.
Photos to come. Sorry it's not sooner than later but lots of family around ATM. XX

Sandie Hudson said...

Hi Annie

WELCOMED Home! Sorry about the voice, hmm I can only imagine what that's like. I have to agree I love talking so if I loss my voice heavens I'd never cope. Hubby would love it though. LOL.

Glad you had a great holiday. Looking forward to seeing your pic's.

Chat soon.


Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Welcome home Annie... sorry to hear about your voice (I agree - more writing time!) and am very intrigued as to your personal news... I shall wait with baited breath!!!


Annie Doyle said...

Thanks Sandie and Amanda, it is always nice to be home, no matter how great the holiday.
Voice is still out. But not enough time to myself to sit and write just yet.
Aaah the news??? You will just have to wait Amanda - sorry.
Regards Annie