Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love conquers all

pink frangipani

Everyone who as ever been in love or dreams of being in love can tell their own version of how it should be or how it came to happen that they fell in love with the person they are with. And don't we all love to hear a good love story?
I am so glad falling in love is not a straight forward process. It is as varied for each couple as we are individually unique.
Without the diversity of situation, circumstances and the individuality of participating characters, romance writers would have nothing to bring their readers. And the more complex the better. It is that thrill of discovery that lures a reader to find out the answer to that all important question. How will this seemingly impossible situation resolve itself? I love to read about them, as much as anyone, to find out what happens of course.
Do you have an amazing story of love reunited, or everlasting love or love lost?
I'd enjoy hearing about them.
Regards Annie


Chicki said...

I wish ...

Zoey said...

I love my love story. I have found my soul-mate... the only man I will ever love, and the one that was made for me. He is my best friend, and he absolutely treats me like a princess. He is so much a part of me that sometimes I can hardly tell where I end and he begins.

You can read a short version of our love story that I wrote when we first got engaged here: http://www.freewebs.com/peterzoey/ourstory.htm

We are now heading towards our third wedding anniversary and I love and appreciate him more every single day.

He is my world.

Chicki said...


Yours is a great story to submit to True Romance magazine. I left a message on your guest book.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Gee Annie,
My fiance' and I meet five years ago. I thought he was too young, so I deceided to find him a nice girl. Afterall, he was such a lovely male, and goodlooking. But Heck, I couldn't find him a suitable lady. lol
The reason for this, I thought 6 years younger was far too young for me. But apparently not. lol
Now I have found he is my soul mate. I dealy love and care for him. My daughters think he is wonderful, my friends and family adore him, to a point that makes me sick. lol... They always stick up for him. But, he is a true gentleman. Rare and hard to find, (so my youngest tells me) He spoils me sooo so much... but I gather, I'm worth it. lol
We are getting married in Hawaii soon, somewhere romantic, suitable to our hearts.
I couln't imagine not ever not being with him. Our love is based on trust, understanding, friendship, and we are one as I speak. I have his support in my writing, in everything I do. It's like I was a bird, (flapping where ever I wanted to go) but now a butterfly (gracefully drifting whereever I want to go) If that makes sense.
It's true... I knew there was someone out there for me. Someone who understands me as a person, and understands what I want to do. And I say, if this fails at anytime. It only costs mininal and one year for a divorce these days. lol.... nope... I do not ever want to go down that path... for today my life is wonderful. :)

Sandie Hudson said...

Awwww Suz, you made me cry. What a lovely story. Age is nothing more then a number and it's not that number that makes a person. It's what they share with you.

Okay my story. I meet my hubby when I was seventeen. I worked in the local take-away shop, he worked in the butcher shop. I asked me out on a date the night before one of my sister's wedding, so we made it for the week later. Now you should know that I had been grounded for three months. So I really only went out with him to get out of the house.

Eighteen months later we were engaged. We have been married thirty-two years this year. He is my life, my best friend, my soulmate and my hero.