Monday, January 21, 2008

Tragedy, fiction and reality

Okay, now I am feeling pretty terrible. The tragedy my heroine has to deal with has just happened for real. Close to where I live, a young woman fell to her death during a climbing accident. Of course in my story the victim was a male. The situation sounds very similar to what I conceived in my head (well, with the help of my rock-climbing instructor son).

The Sunshine Coast Daily reported the news on its website - the original article can be found here.

It was a news article that ignited my first thoughts for my first manuscript. A group of climbers got into difficulty in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales in Australia. I researched the topic and found many instances where accidents occurred, similarly to the one mentioned here. I figured where there was a group of young people on adventure there was bound to be a love interest. Then the 'what ifs' started happening. And my story was born.

While the loss of a loved one is a sad thing in real life, don't forget the power of a tragedy to build emotion, action or progress the plot in a work of fiction.

Regards Annie


Rachel.C said...

Why is it that when we suffer a loss of our own we notice everyone elses? You're right about it bringing out deep emotions, I'm still going through them. I think I've got things sorted now and I thank you for your kind words, every little bit helps and the writing community are great at banding together. Keep the writing going.
'See' you soon.

Chelle Sandell said...

Sometimes I'll get a story idea when I hear about something in the news. As a writer..emotion is gold. It's easier to write something you feel passionate about. It is a tragedy when lives are lost and especially so young. Makes you hug loved ones a little tighter.

Anne Whitfield - author said...

Hi Annie.

I found your blog and saw that you had listed me in your links section, I'm going to return the favour.

Thanks so much and have a wonderful day.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Annie,
It is sad about the report in the paper, and also weird that it resembles your story.
I get ideas from watching movies. Sometimes I'll sit and as I watch a movie ideas pop into my mind. I have no trouble getting ideas, it's the internal emotional conflict I have to work on. (that's what I have been told. lol)

Oh btw, I love your photo of the frangipanis.

Suz :)