Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Making something from nothing

Here's a pic of my frangipani in flower. Just a year ago I was given two lovely pots as a gift. I wanted to put something special in them and checked out the stock at the local plant nursery. I decided I could achieve the look I wanted by raiding my own garden. What you see here is the result.
What you can't see is the determination to make something from nothing. To use what was in front of me, taking some effort to plant the thing, water it and watch it grow. Funny thing about frangipani is that it may look like it's growing, then all of a sudden it has used up the sap within the branches and struggles to survive. I've got to say I thought this one was going to die. After waiting a LONG time, along with a commitment to keep watering while it looked dead, I started to see some signs of life. Now I am enjoying its reward.
Not sure if you've picked it yet (excuse the pun), but this whole process can be juxtaposed with the writing process. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and a commitment to nurture the gift within, even as it struggles for life.
We must take something which only exists as a thought and put the ideas down on paper, make them coherent, throw in some complications, resolve the issues and with any good fortune, it will be entertaining. But then even when the words are already on the page, we need to prune it by editing, plant it by targeting it where it will flourish, water it by networking and marketing and learning more about our craft, and then wait for signs of life!! Hopefully one day we will all reap the reward of our labors.


Chicki said...

Beautiful flowers, and a wonderful comparison. Sometimes the writing comes easily. Sometimes it doesn't.

Like many new writers, at first I didn't know how much hard work, patience and commitment it would take. I've had to pray through the times when I wavered and seriously considered giving up. Now I'm in it for the long haul expecting to see the fruit of my labor in print with a reputable publisher.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Only other writers truly understand the "work" that's involved. I constantly have my hubby or friends ask me, "Gee, you're still working on that same story?"
YES! **grumble grumble**

Theresa said...

I love this comparison, Ann. Perfect. And like Jennifer, my husband grumbles too. But I know he wants me to succeed.
And that's worth all the upsets!

Chelle Sandell said...

Great comparison. Absolutely gorgeous flowers! Whine...I want some!!

My hubby's boss asked me yesterday...why it was taking me so long to rewrite my ms. *sigh*

Annie Doyle said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. You are an awesome bunch. Just like my flowers.
Hard work yes, and how about all those questions like- "is it published yet?" I'm over it!!
If only I had a dollar for the number of times I said "don't worry, I'll let you know when it is", I wouldn't need it published, I could retire.