Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adapting reality

Hello to all of my online followers. I miss you all.
As most of my posts include some element of photography, I thought I would talk about that topic today. Not sure if I have mentioned one of my favorite things to do with a camera - to find the abstract within reality. Maybe it's my warped view of looking at life causing me to think this way, LOL.
I recently purchased a new camera to zoom in on smaller abstractions or larger ones, whichever way you look at it. The larger than life problem now is I'm having a nervous breakdown learning to use it! With little success. What I have been keen to do is find new editing software to fine-tune the pictures. So, I've now downloaded the free software (because I can't afford to buy any)and have to learn to use both the new camera and the new software. I'm not really happy about that fact, but thought I would share the first one I think would look lovely on the wall.
Family - growing tummies all around, all are round!! Future babies doing well.
- visitors!!
- birthday parties everywhere!!
- wedding planner/decorator Annie has a job to do!!
- renovations still under way!!
- health so-so, actually well, but torn tendon in wrist still excruciating!!
- medication - fabulous!!!!!

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Chelle Sandell said...

I just love your photos, honey! Miss you! Hugs on the wrist...take care. Those tendons take awhile to heal. We've been passing around the same two bugs and can't quite get rid of it no matter how much I clean and disinfect. I even bought new toothbrushes. My oldest is having kidney problems and we're waiting on test results to find out whether or not he has to have surgery. How's the wedding coming?