Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love conquers all

pink frangipani

Everyone who as ever been in love or dreams of being in love can tell their own version of how it should be or how it came to happen that they fell in love with the person they are with. And don't we all love to hear a good love story?
I am so glad falling in love is not a straight forward process. It is as varied for each couple as we are individually unique.
Without the diversity of situation, circumstances and the individuality of participating characters, romance writers would have nothing to bring their readers. And the more complex the better. It is that thrill of discovery that lures a reader to find out the answer to that all important question. How will this seemingly impossible situation resolve itself? I love to read about them, as much as anyone, to find out what happens of course.
Do you have an amazing story of love reunited, or everlasting love or love lost?
I'd enjoy hearing about them.
Regards Annie

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dreaming write

Some concepts made on other blogs and their comments have inspired my new train of thought. Dreams. As writers we could use more time in our week and someone suggested we lose sleep. I could NEVER do that. Not a happy chappy without my sleep!! LOL
I had a lovely romance story dream last night (while sleeping blissfully - it does happen occasionally) and then I tossed and turned trying to write the thing in my head. I have had a few of these but have never taken the time to write them down straight away to see where such a plot or thought would take me.
I have often imagined some of the other genres inspiration may well come from dreams, having marveled at their inventiveness - especially in 'other world' type scenes depicted.
I am wondering if anyone else has used an actual dream scene to include in their novels. And if so, did they turn out successfully and inspire other plot paths to enhance the overall story? Or not work at all?

Friday, April 11, 2008


Networking is another facet to the writing of romance that enhances our ability to get our name out there. Blogging is one way. I love the comments (as, I'm sure, we all do) from you all who take the time to leave one. It also helps me know whether to keep writing here or not. So keep at it one and all - even if it's just to say hello.
Networking either face-to-face or online can provide us with answers to our professional questions and build those professional relationships we all need in this business.
I have been busy this week setting up some social networking pages and we all know how much time can be wasted there!! LOL But in the process I have learned a little (the tip of the iceberg really) about some basic webpage editing. Also found another photo site I like which includes an editor so I can fuss over my pix a bit more. WOW, there goes another major chunk of time.
Anway, I would encourage you to take a look at myspace.com/annie_doyle. Please add me as a friend as I would love to see you there.